About Camstar


  • Replace costly paper and manual processes with self-auditing electronic device history records
  • Eliminate manufacturing errors and ensure compliance by systematically enforcing processes and materials
  • Provide quick visibility into product issues in real-time, and analyse as-manufactured data needed to find root causes
  • Use timely production and quality KPIs to make fast, effective decisions


Camstarâ„¢ Medical Device Suite software for medical device manufacturers enables lean manufacturing and the ability to build quality into the process. It allows world class device manufacturers to efficiently build their products with full traceability.

Operation benefits include:

Lean manufacturing and increased efficiency

  • Preventing manufacturing errors
  • Reducing cost of goods and poor product quality
  • improved decisions

Quality benefits include:

  • rapidly resolving issues
  • minimizing risk
  • reducing recalls, complaints and incidents
  • improving decisions and ensuring compliance and effective action.

Camstar Medical Device Suite for medical device manufacturers

By using Camstar manufacturing execution software (MES) from Siemens PLM Software to systematically improve operations and quality, you can:

Eliminate nonvalue-add activities

  • Eliminate paper-based device history record (DHR) documentation, review and report consolidation
  • Better utilize resources, including redeploying employees to productive work
  • Focus operators on making products rather than paperwork

Systematically standardize and enforce processes across all sites

  • Require complete and accurate data collection, and automatically hold material when required
  • Use only qualified materials, equipment, operators and procedures
  • Prevent use of expired and noncon-forming materials
  • Eliminate dependency on labour-intensive quality oversight

Gain real-time visibility and control across the manufacturing supply chain

  • Provide visibility into complete, accurate and real-time work-in-process (WIP)
  • Achieve just-in-time (JIT) scheduling based on actual wait and cycle times
  • Report the real-time actual value of material used and scrapped, actual production and quality labor

Accelerate trace analysis, root cause diagnosis and issue resolution

  • View all manufacturing and quality data across all sites in seconds
  • Search and filter for suspect lots/units by component, subassembly, equip-ment, specification revision, operator, etc.

Lower cost of good quality and poor quality

  • Prevent errors (poka-yoke) with instant enforcement
  • Make the product right the first time to reduce scrap and rework
  • Gain instant access to complete prod-uct and process audit trails
  • Systematically enforce compliance with regulations, including Title 21 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Parts 11 and 820

Continuously improve product quality and new designs

  • View real-time product and process performance data
  • Use actual occurrence rate of failure modes to prioritize risk
  • Identify common failures by product/ process
  • Use a single authoritative source for product, process and quality engi-neering collaboration

Make fact-based operational and strategic decisions

  • Provide visibility into real-time met-rics and key performance indicators (KPIs) for production and quality
  • View quality and operational metrics by factory and across multiple factories
  • Receive exception-based alerts to expedite issue detection and resolution